There was a revival of sorts that took place on 12/1/2012. It was meaningful only to my friend Erin and I because we brought back our cookie exchange after a 2 year hiatus!   This was our 5th one. But we skipped 2 years.  We started 7 years ago with our first one. Then skipped 2 years. So this was our 5th cookie exchange. Do you follow?! hehe…

A revival of sorts, and a reunion with our fellow bakers, and welcoming new ones…it was all good!


Our cookie exchange gives us an opportunity to invite a few ladies from our church, have fellowship, kick off the holiday season, and of course, exchange cookies! We even had a contest to see whose cookie was the best tasting, and who had the prettiest presentation and we gave out prizes. Oh, and we served up some yummy appetizers, corn chowder, and hot mulled cider (the best!).  Yummmm!!!!

Erin & I were both excited about the cookie exchange.

We planned (the meeting place was always at Starbucks…love that!).

We shopped (always good!).

We cleaned (okay, I did because it was at my house).

We baked (hurriedly, as always).

And cooked in anticipation of a great afternoon.

Here’s a gallery of yummy appetizers that we served:

How festive!


And now, about the cookies! All our bakers brought so many yummy cookies! Can you imagine having to try each cookie and then judge which one was the best? (No fierce competition here; all in fun!) It was hard, I tell you! And we were already full from the appetizers! Here’s to all our bakers:

Even the little girls who came had a great time decorating their own cookies!

My cookie was the Cranberry Bliss Cookie.


When I saw it on Gimme Some Oven’s blog, I knew I had to make them for the exchange. They’re so Christmas-y. They’re everything you want a Christmas cookie to be.  Sweet, chewy, festive looking.  It’s basically a sugar cookie with a cream cheese/white chocolate frosting, topped with dried cranberries and drizzled with white chocolate. Woah! To find the recipe, you will have to go here. If you notice in my picture, I didn’t drizzle the cookie with white chocolate.  That’s because I was having trouble melting the chocolate.  I’m developing a bit of a complex lately because chocolate just seizes up on me when I just look at it.  Ha! not really! My issue, as my friend Gloria pointed out, is that I have been trying to melt chocolate without using a double boiler. It goes without saying, you need the right tools when it comes to baking.

I bet you’re wondering which cookie won best tasting, and which cookie had best presentation, and what did they win, right? Right!!!

It was all good! Can’t wait until next year, God willing! 🙂