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Tiffany inspired cookies.

I was asked to make 450 cookies for a ladies church conference.  I had 5 days and a bit of help.  But we were entering unchartered territory.  The most I’ve ever made was 75.

There were issues that came up beyond my control, and I had to stop production.  At the time we decided to “kill” production, I had only made 38 (okay, I lost about 3 because they slipped off my cooling tray…I was devastated!).  So, I had 35 and 415 to go.  415 – crazy, huh?

And, admittedly I think this was way above my head.  I didn’t have enough trays, no vertical storage and lots and lots of other things to worry about.  Two days later, I came down with a cold and I still had other baking to do and more running around to do for the event.

God knows what’s best for me.  He knows what I can handle.  I am not superwoman, but I am a woman with a willing heart, ready and able to do whatever I am called to do.  Thank God He’s in control.

In this next picture, you will see why this cookie would have been perfect for this event:

Even the napkins were Tiffany blue with a diamond ring holder.

It would just all tie in, and from a design point of view, that is right on.

In the end, it’s not really about the cookies.  It’s not about the tables or the decor.  It’s not about the vendors, the breakfast, or the raffle.  It’s about an experience with God.  It’s about, “Renewing My Spirit.”